About MetroBike, LLC

MetroBike is an internationally known bike-sharing consultancy and the first in North America. Established in 2004 by Paul DeMaio, MetroBike has grown to have a global client list which includes local and federal governments, non-profit and for-profit organizations, and universities. Paul DeMaio, Principal DeMaio co-authored the public tender for what has become the highly successful […]

The Bike-sharing Blog

The Bike-sharing Blog was started in 2007 by Paul DeMaio to share information about the rapidly growing and changing bike-share industry. The Bike-sharing Blog is the most widely used international news resource for industry insiders and the general public in the field.  

The Bike-sharing World Map

Paul DeMaio started The Bike-sharing World Map in 2007 to be the one-stop source for information about the global growth of bike-share services. The Bike-sharing World Map now shares information over 500 bike-share services including the services’ website, fleet and station size, and launch date. View The Bike-sharing World Map in a larger map